Royal Academy of Engineering

Royal Academy of Engineering

We are:

A charity -we deliver public benefit from engineering excellence and technology innovation.

A National Academy -we provide progressive leadership for engineering and technology, and independent expert advice to government, in the UK and beyond.

A Fellowship -we bring together an unrivalled community of leading business people, entrepreneurs, innovators and academics from every part of engineering and technology.

Our vision is to put engineering in the service of society.

Our charitable mission is to deliver public benefit through engineering excellence and technology innovation.

We have outstanding convening power nationally and internationally. We understand how to make systems and innovations make a positive difference to society. We are trusted for our independence and professional excellence.

In everything we do, we are guided by our five values:

Progressive leadership – embodying the courage, commitment and ambition to drive positive change for engineering and society

Diversity and inclusion – creating cultures in which everyone can thrive and diverse perspectives enrich our collective performance

Excellence everywhere – bringing evidence, expertise, integrity and a passion for continuous improvement to everything we do

Collaboration first – prioritising collaboration and building partnerships to improve outcomes

Creativity and innovation – solving problems and generating opportunities through creative thinking and innovation.